Thursday, June 4, 2009

Horse Play

(What follows is a craigslist blurb I posted advertising a room to rent in NYC, and some of the responses...)


What's up,

I'm writing to offer a nice place in the East Village, on 3rd Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue. It's one bedroom in a two bedroom share, so you'll have your room, 19x12, and a private bathroom. We share a kitchen and a common area. Your room comes furnished with a full-size bed, air conditioning, and a nice oak dresser you can keep or leave as you see fit. The common living room is pretty nice, with a leather sofa and fateuil chair, and a projector system set up for movies and cable.

Utilities generally come to about 60 dollars a month, 90 at most in the hot months, so you'll never pay more than 800. Personally, I think I'm a pretty good roommate, respectable, kind, and almost never there. I travel a lot for my job, so you'll mostly have the joint to yourself. I only ask that you be respectful, courteous, and clean.

Also, I should mention that I have two horses who stay in the apartment. The youngest is a three year-old Bay filly named Atlantic Susie, and the older fellow is a four year-old Arabian gelding named Uncle Michael's Wedding. These two sweethearts are generally pretty even-tempered, but there currently are no locks on the interior doors, so they definitely have the run of the place, and they don't like to sit still. You might wake up to a friendly cold-nosed visitor some nights, lol! If you do move in, I'll give you a bucket of oats and grains so that when they approach you can feed them and send them on their way. Don't worry- when I'm away, I hire someone to feed and bathe them, so you won't be responsible for that.

Send me an e-mail if you're interested. Thanks!


Paradee says...

Hi, I have to say this all sounded well and good until you mentioned mister ed. Im sorry but I don’t understand how you have two horses running aound the place. Are they ponies? Do they poop every where? Is that even legal?

Jon says...

I'm curious about the equine share. I have been known to care for an animal or two, but am petless at the moment.

Victor says...

This seems to good to be true ....Im neat and motivated so I will do my share in keeping the place clean. As for the Horses no Problem as long as they dont eat my frosted flakes and drink my coffee...

Zoe says...

Are the horses for real? How high are the ceilings in this place? Do your neighbors complain about the clomping hooves?

Do they poo inside?

Possible smell aside, I think this sounds amazing.

Gyoyoon says...

I'm interested in your room and have question.
Each bedroom has own bathroom? How can the horses stay at home? I guess it's not enough to stay.

Maristella says...

i have a friend moving in Ny from Italy at the end of June.
Are you looking for a female or male roommate?
And, what do you mean for 2 "horses"??

Katie says...

I saw your ad posted on Craigslist and am definitely interested... Oh, and slightly intrigued as well. I am wondering how the heck you have the room to cram 2 horses in a 2 bedroom apartment? :-)

Klara says...

I would love to come by to
see the apt if you're at all available tomorrow?

Thanks! Just curious, are you serious about the horses...?

Katina says...

i was just wondering: how do your horses get enough exercise? do you take them out on a regular basis?

Just curious.

Nira says...

I am clean, friendly and currently live on the les, i love the neighborhood, but my apt needs a lot of construction work which I can't afford. I would love to come by your place (which sounds amazing!) and meet your horses.

Dana says...

I'm really interested in your apartment... let me know if it's still available. And, no worries, I dated a horse farmer once, so as long as I take some claritin, I will be fine.

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